Maria Varvara

“Gather Daze” Collection

Maria Georgopoulou is a graduate of Northumbria School of Design, Northumbria University in Newcastle, England, specializing in Pattern Cutting. While doing her internship at CIMONE in London, she worked for Christopher Esber and Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Her grandmother was a seamstress, and the memories, the images and the colors that were connected with her at her grandmother’s workshop were Maria’s first contact with fashion. The core of her inspiration as a designer comes from the theatricality of her character, her passion for sports, and her childhood. Her vision is to combine images and experiences, often not related, to a result that is unified and complete.

The collection #Maria_Georgopoulou_X_ΑikiDiounot is inspired by many different elements: the feeling of lightness of  summers in Greece, the comfort of an athlete and the female silhouette of the 20’s. Her goal is to create a collection that adapts to and highlights the figure of the woman who wears it. The fabrics embrace the body and exude comfort, while the technique of sewing with pleats is a direct reference to the 20’s. This is a collection quite emotional to the designer, inspired by the her journey through her studies and experiences while living abroad.