Elena Christou

“Midnight Blossom” Collection

Elena Christou was born and raised in Greece. She is a graduate of Pansik, Scuola di Moda in Fashion Design and Construction. She loves the urban environment and the creative stimuli offered by the walks in the city center. Her creations are inspired by images of everyday life.

The #Elena_Christou_X_AikiDiounot collection was designed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, inspired by a more optimistic future, where we can love and hug each other again. It consists of pieces that exude eroticism and romance, with colors that calm and fill with confidence.

The message that this collection tries to communicate is “Tied & hugged again”, like the two floral prints we find in the collection. Her designs illustrate her own dreams and wishes for tomorrow, when the time will come to share her creations with the public and  feel as free as she does when she designs.