Aggelina Dikefalou

“Unhide” Collection

Aggelina Dikefalou was born and raised in Athens. Growing up in a family of artists her encounters with aesthetics begun in the first years of her life. She learned from very early on to observe form, light, colours and the human body. 

She holds an Honours BA from AKTO School where she graduated in 2014 as a fashion designer. From there she moved on to complete her practice in the studio of the designer Christos Costarellos. In addition to this she participated in seminars of traditional greek needlecraft and embroidery. Later she worked as an embroider for labels such as Kathy Heindels, Aggelos Frentzos, Laskaris, etc. 

The inspiration for the design of the collection #Aggelina DikefalouXaiki, titled “Unhide”, is the body with its curves and its angles. Narrow fit creations envelop a woman’s body and bring out its beauty, in order to praise its every aspect through lines that follow it like a second skin. Soft fabrics “flow” on the body and cut outs reveal it, whilst maintaining the comfort and elegance that is essential for the daily life of a modern woman.