The Name

Aiki Diounot

· /I-kid-you-not/ ·

New fashion designers are not kidding. 

The name Aiki Diounot is a play on words: that new fashion designers are not kidding.

They have talent, they have vision, and they are here to stay.

The Concept

Aiki Diounot hosts limited-edition collections of up-and-coming designers. Each collection is named after  its designer X Aiki Diounot. 

The designers’ talent and the brand’s know-how come together to create unique, fashion collections with a focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Aiki Diounot is a platform aiming to promote new fashion designers. We discover fresh and talented fashion designers, and we consult and guide them through finalizing their work. The completed collections are then produced in Greece and sold via our e-shop. ,

By designing and producing our collections exclusively in Greece, Aiki Diounot supports Greek designers and local businesses, aiming to discover new designers each season.

Our vision

To create a space where new talent can thrive and evolve, bridging the gap between a new designer’s inspiration and the fashion industry.

To collaborate with designers with different backgrounds and artistic references, so as to create unique collections that combine elegance and quality.

Who are we

Chrisanthi Gkourou is the founder of Aiki Diounot. After studying and working in the fashion industry in Milan, London and Athens, Chrisanthi decided to create a new brand with an original concept: collaborating with new designers on their debut collections. 

Aiki Diounot was created in 2021, aiming to become a dynamic, ever-evolving brand, with new designers added to the team with each season.